Friday 29 May 2015

Home Lab setup

Home Lab Setup

So I got my first delivery today for my home lab setup. I bought 4 x 2811 routers, they were $55 each from ebay. 

Unfortunately they came with IOS version 12.4, which is not what the CCIEv5 lab is based on. :(

So I thought I'd upgrade it, but unfortunately they also came with 64MB flash. So I hopped back on ebay and bought generic 256MB flash cards for $15 each. I looked at the cisco ones but they were just too expensive for my lab environment. Received them and upgraded my routers :)

So each router has cost me $70 and I'm going to spend my weekend cabling them up to start doing some labs. Total cost for my CCIE lab so far = $280

In other news, I went through the Layer 2 labs on INE. I understand better now the difference between port cost and port priority. Port cost is applied on the interface of the switch that you want to change the spanning-tree selection on, whereas priority is applied on the upstream switch. I'm going to do a few more examples on this to really cement it in. I also went over VTP but learnt nothing really new, except the implementation of version 3 which seemed quite easy.

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