Friday 5 June 2015

Serial, serial, oh my!!

So I ordered a serial network module for my routers which arrived today.
This isn't the greatest value purchase. At $55 including delivery, it actually cost the same amount as the routers. :( But it does give me 5 times as many ports to play with.
Anyway... I only bought one so I actually can't connect to anything. :( But it works and I've ordered another one to compliment it.
This takes the total cost of my home lab to $280 + $110 = $390. So far! Things are getting serious.


I took the time tonight to review setting up neighbour relationships in BGP. I have to admit, the 2811 routers with the latest IOS in my home lab work brilliantly for this.
I went over IBGP neighbours, eBGP neighbours (above). Re-acquainted myself with the output of "sh ip bgp" and had a quick go at version 4 peer-group config.
Tonight I reviewed the basics of BGP which I really needed. :(

Incidentally, I did the Cisco BGP course about 4 years ago with a scary little CCIE who reminded me a lot of Ben Chang from Community. If someone in the class forgot something like the AD of a routing protocol he would yell at them, 'This is an advanced course!!'. He scared me into being pretty good at BGP and I sat the exam 2 days after the course. I can just imagine how mad he'd be at me now. :P

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