Saturday 23 May 2015

The Beginning...

I'm going to use this blog to log my journey to CCIE.

Aim: To sit my CCIE Lab exam in February next year


1. One - two hours of study every day - after which I will blog about what I've learnt. The idea of writing down what you've learnt is a hint given by Narbik to make the most of your study.

2. Studying through INE labs and Narbik's labs. I have just completed the 5 day CCIE R&S bootcamp which was amazing and the best value. I am going to purchase some routers to practice some of the lab scenarios Narbik has provided.

3. I will sit the written exam in September

4. I will do the 10-day CCIE R&S bootcamp in December.


  1. Do you have any background in computers? i was wondering of learning for CISCO certificates myself but I have never done any computer work.

  2. Hi Almond,

    Yes I do. I have an Engineering degree and a Masters in Networking & Systems Admin. I have been a Network Engineer for 6 years, recently designed a datacenter and already have a CCNP R&S. And I still feel like I have a bit of work ahead of me to pass my CCIE - its definitely not an entry level exam.

    However, I got my CCNA when I wanted to change from being a Radio Engineer into Computer Networking, so it would probably be a good place to begin if you wanted to start a career in computer networking. :)

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  4. Hi Kylie,

    Good luck with your CCIE journey! I'm fairly new to the Cisco side of things and just starting my CCNA. Been a system admin for ages but want to get more into the networking side of things :-)


    1. Thanks Craig!! Good luck with your journey too! I think its very rewarding. :)