Sunday 27 September 2015

VIRL Troubleshooting

VIRL is fantastic to use, but I have had some issues with it lately so I thought I might detail the fairly simple solutions I found.

Virtual Interface Creation Failed Error on launching simulation:

First one happened when I clicked yes to the update prompt. It ran through updates and then when I open Maestro and tried to launch a simulation I got the following error:

Node "R1" state changed from BUILDING to ERROR with message: Virtual Interface creation failed:   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nova/compute/", line 297, in decorated_function

The correct way to do the upgrade can be found here. But since I was stuck in some quasi-half upgrade stage, all I had to do was run the following commands:

sudo vinstall vinstall

sudo salt-call saltutil.sync_all

sudo vinstall salt

sudo salt-call state.sls openstack

sudo salt-call state.sls openstack.setup

sudo salt-call state.sls openstack.restart

Now my VIRL is launching simulations properly again.

Connection Refused to console:

This one is so annoying, because it appears like everything is working but when you try to get to the console of the running devices you get the following error:

This had a crazy simple solution. I had a VPN running on the VM which was interfering with the routes to the console. The easiest way to fix this was to disable the VPN. And now I can get to the console again. :)

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