Wednesday 17 June 2015

New rack!

This post has nothing to do with my CCIE journey... but a bit about my home lab. I'm changing jobs this week after 6 years and the guys at work (knowing my CCIE lab and study) decided to buy me a rack as a farewell gift. *sob*

At first I thought assembling it was some sort of punishment for leaving:

Tossed up mounting it on the wall (it has a wall mount), putting it on wheels (it has wheels too!) but opted to keep it on my buffet just so I have fast easy access to re-cable and power the routers and switches as often as I want to.

Here is the back. I still haven't put on the side panels, the back or the front.

And here is the front:

I think technically the rack costs more than the equipment in it. I'm not sure I'll include its price in my CCIE lab setup since I didn't pay for it. :)

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